Wound healing potential of a polyvinyl alcohol-blended pectin hydrogel containing Hippophae rahmnoides L. extract in a rat model

  • 文献类型:   Article
  • 作  者:   KIM J, LEE CM
  • 关键词:   hippophae rhamnoides l, flavonoid, wound healing, hydrogel, inflammation
  • ISSN:   0141-8130 EI 1879-0003
  • 通讯作者地址:   Chonnam Natl Univ
  • 被引频次:   5
  • DOI:   10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2017.03.014
  • 出版年:   2017
  • 研究对象:   药用植物, 药化成分
  • 研究主题:   药物疗效

▎ 摘  要

In this study, we investigated the effect of a polyvinyl alcohol-blended pectin hydrogel (PVA-PT HG) containing the extracts of Hippophae rhamnoides L. (H. rhamnoides L.) leaves on wound healing in a rat model. The total phenolic content in the extract solution was 40.64 +/- 2.7 GAE mg/g and that of flavonoids was 13.15 +/- 1.8 QE mg/g. Of the total flavonoids in HGs, 61.6 and 50.0% were released at pH 5.5 and 7.4 after 60 min. In rat acute wound models, the wound size was reduced significantly and the recovery rate was significantly higher after treatment with HG containing the extracts, compared with treatment with the control and HG only. The wound healing effects of the HG containing the extracts were confirmed by histological evaluation of the wound tissue. Therefore, HG containing extracts from H. rhamnoides L. leaves enhanced wound healing effectively, and so may be developed as a cover to promote wound healing. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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